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First there was the March Hares -- a group of very serious walkers who rose very early on the first Saturday of each month to set off for a walk in distant parts of Luxembourg.  The March Hares would typically walk 20-25km at a rapid pace.  They ventured over the borders and even organised walking weekends.

In the course of time, the March Hares grew older and some of them retired, so some March Hares decided to found a new club, the Grey Hares, who met on the second Tuesday of each month to walk at a slightly lower pace and for about 20km. They also met on the last Tuesday if each month for a convivial meal. Amongst these founder members are David Heal, John Overstall and Andrew Hallan.

In 2007, Alison Kelly wanted to join the Hares but felt unable to keep up with the pace of the Hares or the length of the walk, so she agitated successfully for the introduction of "Short Walks" of about 10km.

In 2010, Dan Kelly noticed a gap in the market and introduced "Sentier Walks" to the Hares' programme, walking on the first Tuesday of the month.

By now, the Hares were walking almost every week, except the last Tuesday of the month ("Grey Hares lunch") and on the occasions when a month had five Tuesdays.  This final loophole was closed, so that the Hares were walking on every Tuesday except the last Tuesday .

A final welcome addition to our program was introduced by Michael Mann, who introduced Bonus walks, short walks of about 7km., typically ending in a restaurant, on each Thursday of the month.


Walk organisers should send details of their walk in an email to luxgreyhares@gmail.com (do NOT reply to another Hares' email as the reply address will probably be a walk leader).
The mail will then be forwarded to the Grey Hares in as short a delay as possible (This is done manually to avoid any spam being forwarded).
Any Hare who need to send an e-mail to all the Grey Hares should use the same procedure, although the organisers reserve the right to NOT forward any mail they think is inappropriate.
The mailbox and list is held by Ian Allwright. To avoid proliferation of different lists, the email addresses of the Grey Hares will no longer be sent out.

If you want to mail a walk leader or one of the coordinators, please address your mail just to them. If you are responding to a notice to all Hares, please use "Reply" to the originator and NOT "Reply all", which just clutters up everybody else's mailboxes!

If you want to be removed from the list or you know of someone who would like to be added, just mail Ian at luxgreyhares@gmail.com . Please check also that no Grey Hare in good standing has been omitted from the address list of this mail - if so, mail Ian.

The above is the necessary minimum to hold our leaderless group** together. Just follow these guidelines and it should work fine.

** It's important to understand that we are not an a.s.b.l., we have no insurances and the coordinators and walk organisers offer their services without any further liability on their part. People take part in Grey Hares events entirely at their own risk.